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The Amazing Sex Benefits Of Vitamin D-3 And Vitamin K-2!

Written by:
Jon Bender
Thursday, 06 October 2016

ATTENTION MEN & SIGNIFICANT OTHERS! Get Amazing Sex Benefits With Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin K-2!

As Men Age, They Have A Challenging Role To Play During Sex. Proper Nutrition Supplementation Is Now Showing Profound Sex Benefits In A Man’s Virility And Potency!

The ability to have quality sexual experiences has a meaningful impact in our ability to form strong and even more intimate romantic relationships.

By: Jon Bender

Sex benefits are more than just romantic relations, they are physical and include but are not limited to: increased testosterone, healthy prostate, stronger immune system, and brain dopamine release, to name a few.  Important components to a healthy sex life range from exogenous sources such as diet and environment to endogenous ones like genetics.  To improve diet is to go a long way towards deriving those sex benefits, and being armed with information is the key to successfully improving the intake of vital nutrients and vitamins.  

It Has Been Shown That Vitamin D-3 Is Important For A Vital Sex Life.

Vitamin D-3 increases testosterone, the hormone largely responsible for sex-drive.  Studies in Australia suggest that sexual desire may be increased by increasing the daily dose of vitamin D.  Men with 30 nanograms or more of vitamin D in each milliliter of blood had higher levels of available testosterone.  

A Fun And Free Way To Absorb Vitamin D Is Through The Sun's Rays.

Two thousand men were tracked for one year in 2009 by Clinical Endocrinology, a scientific journal.  The researchers found that testosterone levels peaked in the month of August, the month with the greatest amount of sunshine.  Those levels also dropped precipitously during the winter months when the sun was not out and people tended to remain indoors.  Sunlight hitting the skin creates vitamin D on the dermis.  Over 90 % of vitamin D is produced by the skin during direct sun contact.  The correlation of increased sun with higher testosterone levels is easy to link, once again, with the effect that D has on the production of testosterone, which correlates strongly with sex benefits.

Being Out In The Sun For As Little As One Hour Can Boost The Testosterone Level In The Average Male By Almost 70 %.

This is good news for those living below the 38 degree latitude line, but not as pertinent for those above. In the northern regions, men can keep their D levels up and get increased sex benefits by eating fish or taking fish oil supplements.  Fish such as wild salmon, mackerel and sardines are loaded with wonderful fishy oils and can help substitute sunshine for those not blessed by year round sunshine.  

Sex Benefits Of Vitamin K-2 Are Profound As Well.

In the last century, anthropologists studied indigenous tribes worldwide and noticed something.  Many of these tribes’ men stayed strong in their sexual virility and potency far into their advanced years even into their 70s and older.  They didn’t specifically understand exactly why but did believe it was largely due to some component of their diet.  The researchers referred to this unknown dietary component as activator X and could observe the obvious and profound sex benefits and erection potency.  Today, some scientists are convinced that this activator X may be vitamin K-2.   Aside from being an essential component to the human body, vitamin K-2 provides blood-clotting properties.  Being vitamin K-2 deficient leads to the inability to maintain an erection as certain pathways that are supposed to close off during times of arousal won't be able to. Therefore it's vital for men to include vitamin K-2 to their daily diet.

Aside from the incredible sex benefits that can be obtained from optimizing your vitamin D-3 and K-2 levels,  one of the leading questions that comes up today in the area of health and nutrition is "What is the best anti-aging type supplement to help build and strengthen the bones as well as support over all health and well-being?" Without question, we believe AgelessImpact's SunD is the superior product to fit the bill.

SunD's Formula Starts With A Whopping 8,000 IU's Per Serving Of Vitamin D-3.

Years ago Vitamin D deficiencies were virtually unheard of as most spent plenty of time outside getting our daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun (from just 20 minutes of continuous sun exposure). Unfortunately, the medical community has so "over scared" people about sun exposure that many Americans don't get even the bare minimum amount of Vitamin D, much less the amount in SunD (4,000% of the recommended Daily Value!).

In addition to the large volume of research supporting the restorative power of Vitamin D to stimulate bone cells and enhance the uptake of calcium into the bones, emerging research touts the positive impact in boosting immunity, hormone regulation, brain health, metabolism, diabetes prevention, cancer prevention and even cardiovascular health. (Could you ask for anything more?)

To take things to a much higher support level, we've included 4,000 micrograms per serving of Vitamin K2 (3,333% of the recommended Daily Value!). Vitamin K-2 helps sweep calcium out of our arteries and tissues, then deposits it where hardening makes sense - your bones! Nearly all healthy adults in America reportedly have undiagnosed vitamin K deficiency. The beauty of adding K-2 is that its the most bioactive and absorbable of the K vitamins.

The Final Ingredient That Makes This Formula So Powerful And Complete Is Strontium.

It's important to note that the Strontium in SunD has literally no relationship to the Strontium 90 that causes radioactive damage. Strontium is a common element naturally found in our bones. Studies have demonstrated that Strontium in its various forms is well tolerated and completely safe. It has a unique method of action, which provides a dual activity in your bones. Strontium both inhibits bone resorption (the process breaking down bone and releasing the mineral, that result in the transfer of calcium from bone fluid to the blood) and simultaneously stimulating bone growth. No other natural substance or drug that we know of is known to provide this dual effect!

We believe this powerful 1-2-3 punch will greatly assist those interested in maximizing their sex benefits as well as maintaining healthy bones and overall well being as you grow older.  One of these three ingredients without the other is not near as effective as the synergistic effect of combining them together. This unique combination of ingredients is what separates SunD from the rest!  

To learn more about AgelessImpact revolutionary NEW SunD and how you can start immediately increasing your Vitamin D levels for maximum health and sex benefits CLICK HERE

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