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The Health Benefits of Eating Raw Eggs

Written by:
Greg Montoya
Saturday, 10 December 2011

There Are Many Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Eggs, One Of Nature's Most Powerful And Complete Anti-Aging Superfoods!

The health benefits of eating raw eggs are numerous, including incredible anti-aging benefits and much more. The challenge is, we've been misled to believe that eating raw eggs is unhealthy and dangerous. This is true for commercial raw eggs, but NOT for fresh free-range organic raw eggs!

By: Greg Montoya

When you cook eggs you destroy virtually all of the important nutrients and enzymes needed by the body. The eggs protein and fat content are also altered by the excessive heat and because of this, the body can treat the egg as a foreign object, thus triggering allergy symptoms. Many people find that when they switch to eating organic raw eggs their allergy symptoms toward raw eggs disappear.

I believe the negative press that we often hear and read about dangers of eating raw eggs is mostly propaganda put out by commercial egg farmers trying to discredit small organic egg farmers that infringe on their profits. The reality is, despite what I believe to be manipulated ‘bad press’ toward eating fresh raw organic eggs, this is one of the most healthy anti-aging superfoods you can put into your body! Think about it... Raw eggs are a full spectrum, perfectly balanced food that contains all the essential proteins, fats and nutrients needed to feed a chick for up to 3 weeks during the incubation period. No other food on earth is as balanced and complete as raw eggs!

"Rocky Balboa" Was No Dummy... He Knew the Health Benefits of Eating Raw Eggs And How They Can Give You Amazing Energy And Act As Powerful Anti-Aging Health Tonic!

The health benefits of eating raw eggs are numerous including providing you with amazing energy. Contrary to popular belief, raw eggs are actually very easy to digest due to the natural occurring enzymes found within the yolk. Eating raw eggs has the potential to dramatically help boost the immune system which is critically important for those with cancer.

The majority of people in our world today are deficient in high quality proteins and fats. Raw eggs are loaded with both! I believe if every person ate 2-3 fresh organic raw eggs per day we would see a substantial decline in degenerative diseases caused by deficiencies of these essential proteins and fats.

Fresh organic raw eggs also contain an abundance of other vital substances including niacin, riboflavin, biotin, choline, vitamins A, and E, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, iron, iodine, copper, zinc and sulphur. Egg yolks are one of the few foods that contain very high levels of vitamin D, which is now believed by many to be even more important than vitamin C!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Potential Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Eggs:

  • Improved brain and nervous system function
  • Improved glandular function
  • Improved hormone balance
  • Improved sex drive
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • Gives the body more energy
  • Improved circulatory function
  • Improved lung function, especially for those with emphysema!
  • Provides thicker hair and nails
  • Sooths skin burns and can help prevent scaring
  • Raw Eggs Are A Very effective hangover remedy (Note: Alcohol creates immediate inflammation in the body and is one of the worst things for your AgelessImpact. If you happen to have one too many drinks, consider consuming raw eggs (start with one) along with 500mgs of potassium and 500mgs of magnesium after your last drink and two raw eggs first thing in the morning, again, along with 500mgs of potassium and 500mgs of magnesium. Drink several glasses of purified water... Ionized alkaline water is always best if you have access to it. Keep drinking plenty of water and repeat this process 1 hour later if needed. This should  have you back on your feet in short order!)

But What About Raw Eggs And Salmonella?

Salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs has been highly exaggerated over the years. A study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2002 indicated that only 2.3 million, of the 69 billion eggs produced annually, are contaminated with salmonella. In other words, only 0.003% or 1 in every 30,000 eggs have the potential to be contaminated. The bulk of these contaminated eggs come from sick commercial chickens that are often kept in extremely unhealthy conditions. Generally, only sick chickens lay salmonella contaminated eggs! If this study were done exclusively on eggs from healthy chickens (organic and free range) I believe that far less than 1 in 30,000 eggs would be found contaminated. Besides, salmonella is found almost everywhere, especially where food is kept or prepared. The common household refrigerator is a perfect breeding ground for salmonella and you are way more likely to get salmonella poisoning from food kept in it, than you would from eating fresh organic raw eggs.

Even if you did come into contact with trace amounts of salmonella from eating raw eggs, which you most likely do daily just from your surroundings, it's very unlikely that you would become sick, especially if you are a healthy person. If you are a healthy person, a mild salmonella infection generally is nothing to worry about and could easily be treated with high quality pro-biotics found at your local health food store. Raw apple cider vinegar is another powerful option to consider if you are experiencing food related illness. A shot glass full of raw apple cider vinegar mixed in warm water every two to three hours can do amazing things in wiping out food born illness very quickly
! I've personally tested this several times when I caught "food bugs" while traveling and found it to be very effective!

Methods of Eating Raw Eggs

The minute you start to consume fresh organic raw eggs, your immune system will respond and your body will begin to benefit. The first time I consumed raw eggs I felt an immediate burst of energy as well as a sense of overall wellbeing.

I eat two fresh organic raw eggs first thing in the morning along with one scoop of AgelessImpact Formula Seven Whey Protein. Starting out I suggest you begin with one raw egg per day for the first week and increase to two raw eggs per day on the second week. You can mix the raw eggs with whey protein and organic milk (raw whole organic milk if possible) but if you can stomach it, it's best if you break the raw eggs into a cup and swallow them whole. I have found that it's helpful to poke the yolk with a fork to make it easier to swallow. If you have a challenge swallowing raw eggs (they actually have little to no taste), try blending with organic milk along with a scoop of whey protein. It's believed by some that blending could potentially hurt the molecular structure of the eggs (I'm not fully convinced of this!) so to be on the safe side try to keep the blending time to a minimum.

To Maximize The Health Benefits of Eating Raw Eggs, Make SureThey Are Fresh Organic Raw Eggs

I encourage you to inspect each egg and discard any that you find with cracks. Also discard any eggs that have a foul smell. Fresh raw eggs should generally have little to no smell at all. A great way to test to see if an egg is fresh is to put it into a bowl of water. If it sinks it's fresh, if it floats it's not.

The best way to ensure your eggs are fresh is to raise your own chickens at home. This is what I do. There are many sites on the internet that can teach you how to do this. Raising backyard chickens is quickly becoming a popular trendy thing to do, even in highly affluent neighborhoods. You will need to check your zoning laws first to see if you are zoned for chickens.

You will find that there are many benefits of owning chickens. One, they are great "bug exterminators" as they eat everything that moves! Two, their droppings are full of nitrogen are great fertilizer for your grass and plants. Three, each chicken gives you on average one fresh egg per day. Four, you will be amazed at how much fun they can be as pets! They are very smart and remind me of little dogs with feathers. As crazy at it may sound, the addition of chickens to my home has brought a lot of fun and joy to my family. We absolutely love them!

If raising your own chickens is not possible, try to find a local organic egg farmer in your area and pick up a dozen or two of raw eggs each week. Craigslist often has organic-type egg farmers listed. Providing the eggs are fresh and organic, it's best to keep them un-refrigerated in a cool place as refrigeration can destroy the vital nutrients in eggs. The fact is an organic egg can last several weeks, even up to a month or more without refrigeration. The reason that store bought commercial-type eggs need to be refrigerated is because of the mass procedures and often unhealthy living conditions of the chicken farms. The refrigeration procedure is called "cold storage" and it's mandated by law to help protect consumers from potential salmonella poisoning caused by the often unsanitary conditions found in many commercial egg farms. Another reason that refrigeration is necessary with store bought eggs is because of the extended delivery time from the hen house to your kitchen, which could be as long as 2-3 months or longer from the time the egg was laid!

The Cholesterol Myth Overshadows the Health Benefis of Eating Raw Eggs (Or Even Cooked Eggs).

In my opinion, I believe cholesterol has been painted as a bad thing by Big Pharma for the primary purpose of selling statin drugs, i.e., "Mr. Bill, I see you have high cholesterol, take this drug and let's check you again in 30 days... Wow, it's working, now be sure to keep taking it for the rest of your life." The fact is, there has never been a heart attack or stroke caused by high cholesterol, but there have been plenty caused by plaque (or separately by blood clots) in the arteries caused by scarring of the arterial walls from trans-fats and toxic chemicals, thus cholesterol sticking to these areas and forming plaque. In this case "any" cholesterol, high or low, passing by the affected areas will stick. I believe a better approach would be to teach people to avoid things like trans-fats and dangerous chemicals that scar the walls of the arteries. If the walls of the arteries are smooth and un-ulcerated, cholesterol will pass by and not stick!

Furthermore, the amount of cholesterol consumed in the diet does not necessarily relate to the amount of cholesterol deposited in the arteries. Many studies have shown that the cholesterol in eggs does not significantly raise the cholesterol level in the blood. As an additional health measure, "God" added high levels of Lecithin to eggs, a valuable nutrient that helps the body breakdown and process fats and cholesterol.

The scare about healthy cholesterol from whole foods like eggs is unfair. The amount of consumed cholesterol generally has nothing to do with the amount of stored cholesterol in the body!

Bad press about raw eggs or eggs in general is mostly sponsored by industries that want people to consume overly processed and unhealthy foods. Do not be afraid to consume high quality fresh organic eggs, a product direct from nature, just because some backwards science leads you to believe that delicious and satisfying foods like eggs might cause heart disease or some other health problem.

The idea that too much animal fat and high cholesterol are dangerous to your heart and blood vessels is nothing but a myth. You can learn more about this myth at (

Eating Raw Eggs Provides You With "Good Fat"!

Yes, fresh organic raw eggs do contain good fat to keep us healthy. On the other hand, when heated this good fat can convert into deadly trans-fats that not only scar the walls of the arteries but can also harden around every cell in the body depriving the cells of vital oxygen and other nutrients. The initial report that cholesterol in foods leads to health problems was released to the press without scientific validation, and has since been proven by numerous studies around the world to be completely false. The primary beneficiaries of these unsubstantiated press releases were the margarine and vegetable oil industries. Imagine that!

Raw fats from organic vegetables and healthy animals are an ideal way for many to build up health and vitality. Organic raw eggs from a clean source are an excellent health tonic. Regular consumption of organic raw eggs will benefit your health in many ways, especially by helping the body eliminate stored toxins. Bodybuilder's have long known that a great way to build healthy muscle without the extra fat is to eat raw eggs regularly.

Raw eggs contain valuable fat which helps cleanse and lubricate our internal organs and structures. Fat and cholesterol from damaged fats (hydrogenated), like margarine, or cheap vegetable oils, are the types of fats that lead to adverse health consequences. The fact is... not all fat is bad. It's important to differentiate good fats from unhealthy fats!

When you cook animal proteins, eggs, milk, meat, and so on, it can change the structure of the proteins and make them less absorbable in the body. This is not to say that all cooked animal proteins are unhealthy, but more so to stress that when we do not cook the animal proteins, they are many times even healthier. Consuming raw eggs means that vital enzymes and nutrients are left intact.

Can Eating Raw Eggs Or Eggs In General Cause A Biotin Deficiency?

Bodybuilders take note...Eating too many egg whites alone can cause a biotin deficiency. This could expedite loss of your hair! Eating the biotin rich egg yolks with the whites will help prevent this problem. The reality is, egg yolks can actually cause you to "burn fat" due to the increase in testosterone that can be triggered from the high cholesterol in the eggs. Talk about an oxymoron! I was a bodybuilder years ago and thought that I could get more lean muscle tone (aka, ripped) by leaving out the yolk and only eating the whites.  When I started eating organic raw eggs including the yolk I was amazed at how lean and toned I became almost immediately! 

God created eggs to be a balanced live food. Again, there are no concerns of a biotin deficiency as long as you also consume the biotin rich yolk along with the white.



"Raw eggs are one of the best compact foods in nature. Eggs are the ultimate, complete fast food. However the protein in eggs is not utilized for cellular reproduction. They are utilized for regeneration and maintenance. The relationship between raw eggs and salmonella poisoning is a myth"
 (The great egg panic by Emily Green, LA R times Jan 2000)

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Resource websites to learn about raising backyard chickens and/or purchasing fresh local organic raw eggs:

Here's a third party video with some more "entertaining" information on the health benefits of eating raw eggs

The statements in this article have not been approved by the FDA. This information is not intended to treat or cure any disease and is based on the personal experience of Greg Montoya and third party findings. If you are concerned about eating raw eggs, do you own research and make your decision based on your own individual findings.

Copyright 2011, Seventh Success, Inc. All Right Reserved

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+1 #15 chank 2014-01-29 16:07
Eating raw eggs improves your strength and helps in increasing testosterone.
+1 #14 JJ 2014-01-12 07:31
Eating raw eggs has done wonders for my overall health. Thanks for sharing this great article!
0 #13 Greg Lee 2013-12-30 04:36
I've always known that there many health benefits of eating raw eggs. This article sums things up well, great job!
+1 #12 Devon 2013-12-13 05:00
Never knew cholesterol could help me boost my testosterone. Very cool.
+1 #11 Jo 2013-12-11 20:06
Such wonderful information on the health benefits of eating raw eggs. Thanks for sharing!
+1 #10 Sam B 2013-12-11 19:36
After reading this article that a friend found and referred to me on the health benefits of eating raw eggs, I did some checking and the author is absolutely correct! I also went ahead and tried the whey protein he recommended and now use it with my raw egg and get a phenomenal energy burst. Great to eat the raw egg with protein before I do my daily workout at the gym. Thank you for the knowledge and I strongly urge others to give it a try. Sam B.
0 #9 Rose Marie 2013-12-05 19:39
Very informative article on the health benefits of eating raw eggs, that helps to discern the facts from the myths!
+3 #8 bmoore 2013-02-08 19:13
Never tried raw eggs, but would now like to try.
+2 #7 Lee Mon 2013-01-03 05:46
Very good info on the health benefits of eating raw eggs. Thanks for sharing!
+4 #6 marissa 2012-07-13 13:46
I either cook the whites in water or I throw them away...
I just eat the raw egg yolk. Sometimes I cook the free range eggs in water for four minutes and then only eat the yolk. I do this with the egg in its shell. Great article on the health benefits of eating raw eggs. Thank

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